Muddling Through Ever Evolving Technologies

Heraclitus truly meant it when he said- “The only constant in life is Change”. Our species has gone through constant changes and thus, we are able to make constant changes- individually or as a community.

Think of the things you grew up around, and same things being all updated now. Landlines then and smartphones now is one instant example that comes to my mind right now. Gadgets, products or technology in general has come along a prolonged routine.

When did this change start?

From the use of primitive technology, to finding solutions at our finger tips; for us to precisely point out the beginning of this change is not an easy goal. Nevertheless, it was definitely the result of us wanting comfort/convenience or maintaining the claim of being the ‘superior race’. Whether it was the invention of stone/wooden wheels in Lower Mesopotamia or shifting to modern agriculture; from developing comfortable modes of transportation or reaching someone at a single click- we never looked back!


Where do you stand in this journey?

At times, we just need to sit back and see how dramatic all these past changes have been and wonder how dramatic will the awaiting future be!

The tech world we are in today is evolving at a greater pace and it is often confusing for us to identify ourselves as a techie or a tech noob. On one hand we have a sizeable population who are sliding comfortably and on the other, a small fraction who is getting vexed with the slightest changes. We are just muddling through forcefully or willingly. We are learning as we get hands on experience, be it in terms of gadgets or philosophies.

Well finding your ground is not that big of a hurdle as such. With proper training and exposure, one can easily ace the tech world. Yet, survival will definitely favour the techies. Why you ask?  Remember the movie Wall-E? I am sure we all do. Without perfecting the swiftness, we all will be Walle-eies baffled by Eves. So, instead of waiting for that to happen; we need to cope up with the newness that surrounds us and/or will surround us.

No matter we are right now down the line, it is not yet late to gear ourselves to evolve with this ever evolving world. Now that we recalled Wall-E, whether this evolution is for better or worse is an entire different debate altogether. Nevertheless, finding your tech geekiness will prove to be an added aid in your- pursuit of happiness.

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